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  • David Nunez

Spring Time

Through each branch, and every kind of vine

Flows water, a different kind of water that is purely divine

We worship its majesty as flowers bloom and leaves glow bright green

But what we miss the most, is the Creator who gave the leaves their sheen

Through the Fall we find that those flowers and leaves turn to ash under our feet

That does not surprise the Creator, He called for such a thing

What is truly His resurrection life? He displays it when the seasons change to Spring.

Haven’t you noticed the change in air? The flowers, the leaves, the wind in your hair?

It’s all around us, and in us, with us and through us.

This power that only comes from God, the King of Heaven and earth.

Since the beginning of the world, and even before your birth.

Had a plan that was perfected, a stone rejected, a Life projected, and grace extended.

We sing the praises and Hallelujah’s that flow like the rivers

Our Savior, hung on a tree, and from Him, blood and water flowed claiming Christ, our victor

While the trickster, the deceiver, drowning and choking in great measure.

O, Death, where is your sting? The faulty claims of life that this world claims to bring?

Our Savior, King Jesus, resurrection from the dead, so that we may have life,

and have it abundantly.

The one side of the cross, forgiveness of our sins, the washing of blood, and coming out brightly. The other side of the cross, imparting of life, the water that turns a sinner, saintly.

This life that we live is not all our own. For we have been crucified with Christ, and a life we’ve been given that we had never known.

But God imparted His life to us, so that we may receive.

The beauty and majesty of a resurrection life. Something our human minds may never conceive. That we have a God who would give His only Son to the world,

that no one may perish, but have eternal life.

His love goes beyond anything else we have ever imagined. When will we learn that love is not an emotion? The world finds this thought closely examined.

Although, I cannot escape this notion. We see Christ’s beauty in the resurrection,

why is the unbelieving world so hellbent on an insurrection?

Living water is what flows through our veins. And also in the way that God called for the seasons to change. That they not only give us pictures of what we once were. Dead in the grave, and born out of ashes. To walking out life the way we are now.

Alive in Christ, and reborn where life is more than fields of grasses.

Life is colorful, God made it this way, where we used to see what black and white bring. To living life in the Spirit of God, full color, in Spring.

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