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Jon and Jenny Reeverts, co-founders of In Christ Ministries, experienced the weakness of their self-sufficiency living in bondage as Christians for years. After they heard and embraced the concept of exchanging their broken attempts of managing life for the life of Christ, they knew God had called them to teach this truth to the teens. Jon and Jenny had both been school teacher and was quite aware of the vulnerability to the world's attack on their identity and their need for love, acceptance, and worth. The Reeverts began a non-denominational youth group in 1999 known as Youth In Christ. Later they expanded their outreach of sharing the exchanged life message to children and adults. They received their nonprofit status in 2016 renaming their ministry In Christ Ministries.

Jon battled cancer for twelve years before he met Jesus face to face on March 12, 2021.  His struggle only intensified his desire to share God's grace impacting the lives of thousands.  He lived what he taught. Our lives without his strong leadership and passion will never be the same, but Christ living in us will never change!  

In Loving Memory

Jon S Reeverts
July 7, 1959-March 12, 2021

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