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Influencers and Us - Day 3 - Worth

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We live in a supply and demand world - at least for today. When the demand for hand sanitizer and toilet paper became realized, profiteers raided the markets and stockpiled loads with the intent of cornering the market and demanding an inflated price. In the blink of an eye something’s value can multiply, while the price of a flight to Hawaii can’t be given away. One person’s vocation, yesterday invisible, today becomes “essential.” Others' careers are destined for the gutter. Value - what an essential part of our society and world. God wired us to seek it. Born In Adam (Romans 5:8-19) like a day trader, we hunt for it in temporary places, putting faith in the thing that will return the most praise, money, satisfaction, and relief. In the 70’s I remember sitting with my dad in our Mercury Comet waiting in line for hours for 8 gallons of Saudi Arabian gas when prices were over $5 a gallon. The last four years we’ve all enjoyed unlimited, American-produced, $2 gallon gas. Things are all about to change - value will change. Worth also fluctuates in today’s world. The sanctity of life is relative. When a relationship breaks up with the last words, “You’re NOT worth it!” it shreds any sense of value from one’s life. Who matters? And when do they matter? Is life only to be harvested, used and discarded, or dismissed - is it only valuable if it is genetically perfect, planned, or promised prosperity? God’s economy is different. In His Kingdom we are of infinite value - He paid for us with the life of His Son - He won’t discard us, minimize us, or neglect us - He doesn’t hurt us, punish us, or mistreat us. Instead He builds us up, nurtures us, strengthens us with His strength and grows us through thick and thin to be earthen vessels bearing treasure within. (2 Corinthians 4:7-10) The fight is on - recognize it - realize it - for the “message of value” in the upcoming years. If America and the world can be made to believe that our personal value is market driven - we’re doomed to be handled like a product, even as a defective product. However, if we stand our ground that “Only God can tell me my value”, that “I am who He say I am” then we stand to shine light on everyone who has been fashioned by his hand. We treasure them. When a child is born, and we hold that little life in our hands, awed by God’s miracle of life; at what point do we look at that child with eyes of disappointment, anger, dissatisfaction and dismissal saying, “Why do I do this for you?” “Will you ever measure up?” “You had such potential.” In other words, you’re not worth as much to me now as the day you were born. God NEVER says that! Again, Jeremiah 31-:3 assures us: The Lord appeared to him from afar, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.

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