Have you ever read scriptures and felt confused? We all have. But the good news is that we learn and grow in our understanding as the Holy Spirit teaches us. The Summit Conference will challenge your thinking and equip you with a greater knowledge of the gospel.  It is our operating system in which all life circumstances must funnel through in order for us to live freely.

Our hope of the Summit Conference is to bring others to a new heightened level (a summit) of God’s radical love for His most precious creation. We will go back to the beginning where life changed on earth forever.  Man thought he could live in this world “like God” creating his own understanding of good and evil. As a result, there has only been chaos, confusion, and destruction.  This was not a surprise to God, but a pivital event that set His ultimate plan in motion; bringing His Son to earth and rescuing us through the cross.  Because of the unique design of mankind, this makes it possible for us to live a life in His abundant grace and truth while on earth.


Summit Format

We offer this conference throughout the year in an in-person or online format.  The cost of the conference is $50.