Paint, Broken Pickers, and Spiritual Power

Can I include you in another moment of this week's journey? 

A fine mist shower of paint spray filled the air this past weekend. Nelson, my "homeless friend" was back. Understand that God has used him, at specific times in my life, to teach me what only God could teach me through Nelson.  

Our friend's Seth and Karmon brought him back, because he wanted to join them in helping David and Mackenzie get their next home ready. Getting started in ministry is an interesting journey; adding that responsibility to their college and work schedule left them little time or expertise to make a place ready for their new baby. Saturday and Sunday afternoon flew by, but the results were stunning-what gifted people can do. We have been surrounded by them all our lives. 

In the last two months Seth had worked with, but mostly without me building, sheetrocking, and more, and now Nelson with paint gun in hand was helping to transform this home!  

One conversation Nelson and I had over the weekend was about getting down to the essentials. Years ago, Nelson had taught me what it meant to get one's life into one backpack. Sometimes I think he's the closest thing I know of a modern-day Apostle Paul. Oh, he doesn't have the formal Bible training some pastors have, but when scripture says "The Holy Spirit is the teacher," (John 14:26) I can picture Nelson-Texas manners included (none) squarely in an acquaintance's face, on the street, backpack on his shoulder, giving him the truth of what Jesus has done in his life. 

Today we were talking about "The One Thing" that matters. "I can tell you what mine is," he said. "Because I've had a broken wanter (See "Do you have a broken wanter?") and a broken picker, it's been about learning to do the next right thing." He explained that he has wanted things and picked things all his life that have literally, nearly killed him. Now he sees that when he gets to that crossroad, God always gives him a way out. (1 Corinthians 10:13) I just need to do the next right thing when I get to make that choice. 

This time, he chose to give of his time and talent to help these young kids - our kids. I saw the joy on his face to work, to teach and to see their faces as they admired the results. (See Gallery) Getting this house done this fast never would have happened without these wonderful friends. 

Seeing this GRACE surround them has added to an amazing sense of God's hands and feet at work. It was real, authentic, selfless – a treasure. We are blessed and highly favored! When Ephesians speaks of the "immeasurable riches of His grace" we know, because we again are experiencing it - not someday – here and now.  

We can only say, "Thank you!" 

Jon Reeverts