It’s so easy to get lost in the daily stresses and pressures of life. I can honestly say that I have wrestled with this, this week. We get worn down. Then those gnawing lies seep in from the deceiver.

Have you experienced this?

People can encourage us, pray for us, and even intervene in simple ways, but that may not bring any real relief, because we may not be very good at identifying the lies.

Now can you relate?

<<<This song helps us do just that, allowing us to put the lies in their place and helping us to elevate the truth in our lives.

When that happens we can amplify the truth by resting in the power of our risen Savior. He says, “It is finished!” He calls us friend, and Father call us His children… in this light we can step boldly into tomorrow’s challenges because “He is with us!” Joshua 1:9