Be anxious for nothing… Philippians 4:6-8


Summer has been a time of reflection and renewal; yet, I must admit that I have had many things pre-occupy my thoughts, not the least being our health, our family, the births of beautiful grandbabies and grandnephews, our ministry, our friends, selling our house and making some life changes, and more.

Can you relate?

Pre-occupied? Let me rephrase that: tense, anxious, frustrated, impatient, brooding, silent, invisible, stressed and worried.

Now can you relate?

The other day, Jenny shared this meditation after her walk. We sat on our back patio - a small sanctuary - where we can set aside the strife in our world and enjoy our K-9 companions and a cup of coffee, the summer breezes, filtered sunshine, each other, and God.

If you can sit in silence for two minnutes, it will build a shield around you for the remainder of the message, leaving you more rested and refreshed than you can imagine.

Thank you, Liturgists.





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