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Every day we are faced with a thousand decisions and faced with how we choose to make them. Will we only choose from our experience, from the black, white and a little bit of gray details, or rest in choosing from how we feel in that moment?

We have a greater resource than most of us realize or call upon. Why don't we use it? Maybe we are unaware or just not listening.

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Maybe the Bible became real to you when you were young; after that many walk through doubts, tough experiences and maybe dark times. When, each of our staff heard about the Exchanged Life message, everything changed. Verses came to life and jumped off the page. Galatians 2:20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 8:1 and so many more now had life-giving meaning. We all have different stories; we want to share in yours.

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Almost everyone I worked with has a hard time identifying exactly what they believe, and even more, what they would fight for. Go one step further and ask them to explain those beliefs and you may be standing in silence.

We believe in Biblical Authority - the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. We believe in the Trinity and virgin birth. We believe...

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It all starts with a "call". God places this leading on your heart and you know that, even though you don't feel equipped or ready, He has set you on a path that you can neither ignore nor adequately explain.

When people walk into the In Christ Ministries building at 431 14th Street in Burlington Colorado, they are captivated by the high ceilings, authentic wood floors worn smooth by the shoe soles of five generations of traffic, and the spacious room that offers warmth, safety and hope to kids and adults and families who are served by Castle Kids children's ministry, Youth in Christ youth group, counseling services, conference events, advanced training, connections to our Flatirons Outreach and other special events.

As with most of us, they only see what is in front of them, the present...

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