Apart from Me you can do nothing.
— John 15:5


The Question

Every person, at some point in their life, comes to a moment when they realize that they can no longer manage, fix or save their life. Their search for answers may lead them to ask,
"If this is my life, is there a God who loves me?"  Absolutely He does! We can help give depth to answer that question.


Our Vision and Call

We believe that our Heavenly Father's vision for this ministry is to supply His resources to reach out to kids, teens and adults of any denomination, background, culture or age group, so that they can come together and learn about God's grace and their true identity in Christ.

By providing a safe place to learn grace and truth, we believe that God will help His children stand together in Christ to make better choices than the ones they believe they are limited to.

 Who We Are


For us, it always comes back to Christ BEING our life. The church has traditionally taught people to follow him, admire him, stand in awe of him, feel guilty about his sacrifice, sing about being lost without him, examine ourselves on account of him, BUT RARELY are we taught that HE is living, breathing, sustaining our every moment and speaking to us as believers with His power resonating within us in a plain and simple way. Our ministry aches to share this urgent message that the Gospels and Letters reveal and explain. The Holy Spirit is the teacher, and He will do His work, if we would just get out of the way.


FLATIRONS - Come and See

Four years ago we began watching Flatirons messages in our home; later at our ministry building-our group grew. We moved to the Community Center when we left our ministry building and more were added. In April of 2017 we moved to the Midway Theater and the outreach has gained momentum. Those who are seeking to bump into Jesus have found something that speaks candidly to them, and they have in turn, have invited their friends to "Come and See." We invite you to see if Flatirons is right for you. It's your turn to come and see. Sundays at 8:45 AM at the Midway Theater in Burlington, Colorado.

Essential Teaching

Andrew Farley - Network 220

Most of us just want to get to the truth. We don't need the distractions and layers that sometimes have been handed to us over the years, that paints our relationship with God as Him being seated in a swivel chair - He is constantly seen in this way turning his back to us, rejecting us and our behaviors that put us "in and out of fellowship" with Him. It's a popular sermon; it's just not Biblical. Link together with Andrew Farley, who takes time to answer our questions about our faith and God's promises - no hype - no extra emphasis on hand raising - no frills - just truth.


Our Staff

Jon Reeverts

Jenny Reeverts

David Nunez

Our Board

Jon Reeverts

Peter Reinertsen

Jackie Worden