We could say so much more, so we did...

Thank you for giving to In Christ Ministries, praying for our outreach and for encouraging us through these past several months. It has sustained us in the most difficult of times. We know that means you have given of your time, energy and  money to keep us going.

That has meant the world to us - thank you! ~ Jon Reeverts, Executive Director




Thank you, Jenny, for connecting with so many people through online counseling to help them through tough times. You've poured into their lives over the past four months.

Thank you also for reaching out to the kids through newsletters and printables for them. It's brought joy to their lives. In addition, all the diagrams and teaching you provided for The Breakthrough helped make thee Conference dynamic.

David, thank you for reaching out to the teens through Wednesday night Zoom meetings. You've done a great job keeping Mackenzie, Barrett and BreeAnn included. Your posts through Instagram and Facebook have made a difference, And, thank you for contributing to the In Christ Ministries podcasts and blogs, and helping to lead kids' ministry.

You've got great things planned for this new year!

The Breakthrough has been a dynamic force in meeting the needs of hundreds of women over the past four months. You've supplied such great teaching and encouragement for those following you and connecting with your ministry on Zoom calls. It has forever changed how we reach out and minister.

The Breakthrough Conference was amazing! Kids' ministry also continues to bless the littles every week.

Thank you!

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