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Without Power

Einstein got it partly right. But he should have recognized that...

God is infinite - the Alpha and Omega - The eternal. That's a good place to begin.

The incredible cold snap and winter storms leading to power outages and rolling blackouts have caused the loss of life, crisis - we should have expected, and lengthy debates.

I've skipped the airtime for the most part, but storms are worth mentioning, as is our response or lack of response to them.

The message:


Probably most of us have been caught in a storm and realized, "I'm in trouble." Some of those storms were forecast, and we made preparations - took precautions and had some peace that if anything went too wrong ... AT LEAST ....

One of the great short stories ever written and always on my reading lists for my American Lit students was "To Build A Fire" by Jack London.

"The Man" his primary character and "The Dog" his companion had two different senses about trekking the Yukon at 50 below zero. To one it was a matter of intellect and analysis and preparation; to the other, it was about instinct.

It was not good to be caught out in these elements.

This seems clear cut. However, if London was a believer in Jesus Christ, he would have had to include another aspect - Intuition.

Intuition is a function of the Holy Spirit living in and through the believer. This inner voice speaks to us directly, without analysis (a function of the mind), lighting our paths and leading us.

One might be tempted to join to the "Old Timer" in London's work as the voice of Intuition, but I believe he represents the voice of experience (again - data that is located in the mind).

To unravel or put together how this works and how it is designed for us, connect with my latest podcast Six Inch Step


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It's best to know where our Power comes from and Who it is through.

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