"There are no educational emergencies."

Fellow mamas, some encouragement for you: Most homeschool moms are not doing school as usual right now. We are also grieving the loss of our regularly scheduled lives filled with nature groups, sports, piano lessons, co-ops, band, park dates, field trips and spring break vacations. And that's okay. I have learned over the last four years that relationships come first (and I have failed at this over and over when fear and doubt about doing enough creeps in). My kids and I all need a little mental health check. Some chill out time. They are playing Minecraft for hours with cousins and friends over Facetime. We are going to put school back on the schedule for Monday...maybe. We'll see. It's also supposed to be really nice next week, and frankly I think yard work and sunshine may be more important.

My point is this: it's going to be okay. One of my favorite homeschool inspiration mentors, Julie Bogart of Bravewriter often says, "There are no educational emergencies." She is right. Kids are incredibly resilient. If you want to know what the necessities are down the line, it would be that you somehow maintain in them a desire to learn. There is no timeline or age range for when educational skills need to be learned if kids like to learn. Why? Because if they want to know something, they will find out. They are amazing that way! Model learning.

Show them how intuitive you are at navigating challenges as you work from home. Give everyone some quiet time and let them see you pick up a book you've been wanting to read forever. Cuddle on the couch and start watching documentaries. Marvel at the world out there that God created. Go for a walk and see how many signs of spring you can find. Caleb spotted dozens of ladybugs on a tree yesterday. Clip some branches and dissect the buds. Google Nature Study and go out and do it imperfectly. This is one thing we do in homeschool that is just part of our life now. It's my favorite homeschool thing.

So moms, please be gentle with yourselves. This is a new territory that you didn't choose. It's hard. I'm not going to lie and tell you that it is easy, and I chose this road. However, you can do this. We all can! Oh, and let me let you in on the biggest secret homeschool moms have: We don't have the patience for it either. :)

But in time, God works through us and we see fruit. Not everyday. We have plenty of bad days too.

I will post some new resources later about nuts and bolts stuff. There is an online conference next week by some of my favorite people that I think would be helpful, and I have some free resources for those of you that have dyslexic or dysgraphic kiddos. This is an area I really think I can offer assistance to people, so please reach out to me if you are in that boat! Love you moms! We got this!


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