By Jon Reeverts

Love is deep - Intimacy is boundless.

There are parts of us that are difficult to reveal - they bear the marks, scars, hopes and fears of our lives. Most of the time we never get past surface-level conversations, and if the weather comes up - you know this conversation is over.

But there is a place in my life that reflects the beauty, fury and constance of an intimate relationship - It’s in my Bible.

When Mackenzie, our youngest daughter, chose and was able to leave home for her junior and senior year to attend Lutheran High School in Parker (an amazing oasis of instruction and support) I sent my Bible with her. Jenny, my wife, was mad! I was fighting cancer and she wanted my Bible close at hand, but I said that this was the best way that Mackenzie could have her father’s words impressed upon her in my absence as Dad. I also told Jenny not to worry, I would mark up my new Bible for her <3. I have. 

My Bible is my journal, my love letter, my pulse and my bucket list. She even writes me little notes next to verses so it’s my salt and pepper - flavor, aroma and light.

Today, I am opening up that space to you - in this case, Psalm 20

“Deliverance in Battle” - because, of course, here we are in the battle. Day in and day out.

As I look back on my notes - I’m reminded of what God has taught me; in this case: 

God has taught us to fight the battle the day before it happens!

We are called to pray - THEN, stand and fight! The day before is spent in prayer, our mightiest resource "Jesus, teach us to pray" [Luke 11] - like you pray - with power and authority and submissiveness to the will of God … And David inquired of the LORD...

[1 Samuel 23]

Recently, my friend, Steven Neal went through heart surgery and Amy, his wife, called upon this community to lift him and them up in prayer. That’s a heart that understands God’s power and authority. That doesn’t mean we get what we want or twist God’s arm to act in our favor. It means we rest in His strength and provision and His plan... and whether we win or lose, the Glory goes to Him. Steven is making progress in his recovery. We thank God!... in prayer.

Now, here is my Bible. It’s personal - but if you don’t know about my hope in the LORD, it just seems like another superficial conversation. Maybe looking at it will help you to read Psalm 20 and see what it teaches you. God is good.

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