"Too Deep to Understand"

"It's just a bunch of people meeting in a theater for a video – how does that work?" That can't count. 

It must be strange to some to think that anyone can build a sense of community in the full-screen, loudspeaker, semi-lit confines of a movie house. Yet, that safe place has removed a lot of barriers for those of us with baggage that's been heavy to carry.  

This comment to one of our posts on Facebook grabbed my attention; it captured the heart of those who join us on these crisp, early Sunday mornings at the Midway: 

Beautiful message. I too suffer from a broken wanter and broken picker. I think that’s why I relate so much to being “unworthy” of God's grace. I always feel that when I make the wrong choices or want the wrong things that I am unloved by God and that my chance of living in His way is gone. That I must now continue to live through my flesh because my options are gone.  

But, then I think about how pastor Jim talked that eternal life and being saved isn’t at death but it’s now, and I get to thinking that I can start to live the way I should be living. That I don’t just get “one chance” to be loved by God. That love from God is unconditional and that I must then react in the appropriate manner to Grace. (Jennifer Ramirez) 

What's even more beautiful about his statement is that this former student of mine relates to a community that feels the same thing, but she lives in Arizona – connected by truth and experiencing grace. Isn't that what we should get when we gather as a community of believers? 

Last Sunday as we were putting the finishing touches on cleaning up after "Brunch Fest" (A little something that allowed this "Come and See" community to connect and spend a little face to face time with each other) Jenny Yahn pulled Jenny and me together. Before we could figure out what was going on, she handed us a card and a fist-full of gifts from our Flatirons community. "This church loves you!" she said, smiling. 

We were stunned-our cup was already filled and now it was gushing over! 

Later, Jenny described for me what she could not figure out at the time. She was getting things ready for Brunch Fest behind those immense Health Essential windows as people brought treats to share with others after the message, but she could see Jenny Yahn out on the street greeting people as they were going into the theater, well after we had cranked up the worship music. 

In less than an hour they had lavished a staggering gift for us. It wasn't just about sending us on a trip anymore; things that have stoked anxiety, like medical bills, no longer seemed untouchable. Through Jenny Yahn and all those who contributed, God had rocked our world once again! 

It's the DEPTH of Grace I still must not understand. 

In the previous two blogs I hope you've sensed our mouths dropped open, our heads shaking in disbelief, and now spinning from sheer amazement. You give and give and give to us, and we have a meager way of expressing our gratitude. We can't match the outpouring. Our hearts are caught in a tidal wave of grace. God is magnifying this message to us: "If you're going to talk about my grace – I want your minds to swirl with inexpressible love." 

Please understand that we don't measure that in dollars, we can't grasp your affection for us! 

At this point you may be thinking, "How many more ways could Jon and Jenny possibly experience the love of God being poured out to them?" There are more...more than we could have imagined. 

Tomorrow, we want to share how God has used individuals to soothe our aching, broken, delusional hearts. 

Jon Reeverts