I Have No Words

For most of my adult life I have lived by an idea that you set your eyes on your dreams and speak life into those dreams and it will serve as a target, drawing me toward the bull's eye. You know what has more power than that – Grace! Receiving what you cannot do for yourself! 

Last Friday morning, Grace happened again, to us. But Jenny had to lie to me for us to experience it together. Here's what I mean; she knew what was going on because Kerry Sue Sayles called her the night before. She made up this story about having to be up early for an appointment...yada yada yada. 

I get to school and right before class, we have an all school assembly in the commons area. I'm thinking - it's to cheer on our girls' basketball team headed to regional basketball. Nope! As I'm standing there, getting pumped up for the girls, I do a double take, because...who is standing along the wall behind me? Uh huh. Jenny! 

"What are you doing here?" I said to her. 

I'm a little slow – okay, a lot slow. I'm still thinking regional basketball AND "Isn't it great that Jenny came all the way over to Hi-Plains to cheer on our Thunder family. That is so like her," I thought. 

"Wait a minute... My morning prayer buddies are leading this thing." 

The outpouring of financial gifts from our staff and community was unbelievable. Overnight, they had gathered enough to take my bucket list right out of MY hands and MAKE me experience receiving grace. 

For all that I "know" about grace, God is teaching me that I really don't know much. He's lovingly reminding me, like a coach correcting an athlete who makes the same mistake, that I just don't understand how to receive it and definitely don't know what to do with it when it arrives. It's like that first awkward junior high kiss. 


I'm stuck in my performance rut. I'm like anyone else's two-year-old, "No, ME DO!"  

I'm a slow learner, so this one picture and amazing gift was just the beginning of the weekend. One look at the way God has loved us through our Hi-Plains family, and you'll shake your head too. "Why doesn't Jon get it?" How often do you have to show me Lord, cuz this is just one example of being immersed in love. 

You won't believe how grace abounds! Follow me this week for more evidence. 

Jon Reeverts