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What others' say...

To gather like this means a lot to me! It's like going to church for me, because my family doesn't go to church every Sunday. At this youth group is where I get the Word of God. [8th grader]

You guys have helped me find out more about myself. It has helped me realize that I am strong and you helped me through the hard times. You guys are my second church and I love you guys very much. You have helped me grow stronger knowing who God is and how He is part of my life. [8th grader]

I have been going to Jon and Jenny's for four years now. Seeing them every week has made all the difference in my life. There have been many weeks over the years that I have had the worst week, month, day, summer, whatever it may be, the message they bring always hits home and has me refocus on God's love and plan for me. I honestly do not know if I would be here today if God had not sent me to Jon and Jenny, and I cannot thank God enough. [12th grader]

This youth group helps me with smart choices and it helps me make friends and I am learning more about God than ever. This is a place where people don't judge you.When I come here I forget that I have problems and I have been growing in confidence. [10th grader]

After going to the conference...I am going to rest in Jesus Christ and let Him change my thoughts. I'm going to rest and trust  He will do it. I have to trust He will make that change. 
[40 year old]

After going to the conference... Very powerful... Because of Christ I have a new past and sit at the right hand of God, today, with Christ. I am with and in Christ-my new home. [57 year old]

After going to the conference... Bravo! I love the application aspect, not so cold or theoretical. I often thought of my kids and how to bring this into my family. [24 year old]

To me this youth group honestly helps out with my family issues and mainly any issues in general. It helps me relieve stress and is a safe place where I can talk about anything and people will listen and care. [11th grader]

This is my church - this where I get my Jesus! [7th grader]

I do see Flatirons as a long term outreach to our community. Because of your genuine love, concern and prayers for me, "The Grace Life" message, and Jim and Scott's messages, I have come a long way from the "very" broken person, I was 2 1/2 years ago. Jim and Scott's messages are not sugar coated, they are in line with the Scriptures, and they let you know that you are not the only one who has feelings, that you feel like a bad person for feeling ("Me too"). I was disappointed when they quit having the music. That was a part of the whole, amazing experience, but you guys are doing a great job with the new music. Thank you for all you do and I am continuing to pray for you. [55 year old]

I really enjoy your teachings because they relate to life and I actually use what I hear here. One of the lessons a couple weeks ago really hit me. It was about "Is it worth it?" That really got me to thinking that that question relates to everything we do in life. I've spent several nights before sleep running that through my head. It's helped me make several decisions, even recently. I think that will be a question that will help guide me. Is it worth it? Is it worth my time? Is it worth my energy? 
[11th grader]

It feels like when I don't feel loved by friends, when I come here, I do. I have learned more about God and caring for other people here. You guys are a part of my family. [7th grader]

I really enjoyed all of the conference. I feel like the dots were connecting on a deeper level, and I really liked the information shared, along with you tying in scripture. I pray I continue to process the information and grow in my understanding. 

Thank you! [31 year old]

This youth group has brought my relationship with Jesus a lot closer. It is the closest thing to church for me. I now realize God will always be there for me and love me no matter what. I have always had trouble loving myself. Since coming to youth group, I've slowly realized that God will love me for me. It's helped me to come to terms with myself and God. I'm positive that my relationship with God will grow stronger. I also will try to find a youth group or church in college. [12th grader]

We are so thankful for everything that God has shown us; a lot of light has been shone through your ministry and opened doors that I never knew existed. You planted many seeds in me long ago as well as currently, and I am finally being able to experience life as I believe and understand it to be - the joy and happiness, along with the pain and sorrow; and, through it all I know God is so, so good. Thank you, thank you. [34 year old]