Schedule of Events

November 5 Flatirons Outreach this week

at Burlington Midway Theater at 8:45 AM

Families receive streamed worship and message and can enjoy the support and encouragement of a local community of believers.

Castle Kids children's ministry for kids age 5 - 12 is provided after worship-before the message.

November 8 Youth group

at Main Street Ministry Building at 6:45 PM
Topic: What size cross do you have? Matt 16:24-26
Students gather after 6:30 PM. The meal is provided at 7:00, and a message and activities follow and the group is out by 8:30 PM. Believing and unbelieving kids are welcome.

"You can belong before you believe."

November 12  Jon speaks at Hope Congregational Church
Topic: Magnified
Worship service begins at 10:30 AM. Sanctuary is 9 miles north of Bethune, and 1 mile east.

Scripture speaks of a man who built bigger and bigger barns to provide for his successes; when his life was required of him, he discovered their is no life in making your own provision.

We are called to magnify the Life of Christ in our lives, above all else. Luke 12:18-20