The Issue

Every person, at some point in his/her life, comes to a moment when they realize that he/she can no longer manage, fix or save their life. Their search for answers may lead them to ask,
"If this is my life, is there a God who loves me?"  In Christ Ministries can help answer that question and more.

Our History

You couldn't measure the excitement that showed from Jenny's face when she burst through the door of our home in December of 1998. "I found them again," she announced.

Invited by our Laramie church to attend a ministry conference in Denver, she reintroduced herself to Lee LeFebre, the one who had taught her the Exchanged Life message through Grace Fellowship International when she was 19. Fifteen years later that connection opened the door to Jon finally listening to and discovering teaching he had never heard anywhere clarifying God's grace.

That year they helped introduce the message to friends and believers in the Laramie, Wyoming area.

The next year, 1999, we returned to Burlington, Colorado and began advanced training with ELM. At they same time we began a non-denominational outreach to teens in Burlington.

In the past 18 years we have had the opportunity to share the grace message with children, pre-teens, teens and adults in a hundred different ways.

In 2012 Jenny finished a second round of teaching kindergarten to go full-time in our ministry, because God had so clearly impressed on her the spiritual needs her young students had. There was an urgency to intercede in their lives.

In 2014 we were able to rent space at the cornerstone building - 510 15th Street (Our original starting point back in 1999) once again. That spring, after six years of battling three different kinds of cancer, Jon left a 31-year teaching career to join her full-time at Youth in Christ. 

In 2016 we returned to doing ministry from our home, became our own non profit and began making use of the Burlington Community Center to meet with our larger groups. 

In April of 2017 we opened Flatirons Outreach at the newly remodeled Midway Theater in downtown Burlington. It is a perfect venue to allow people a safe place to discover or rediscover their relationship with a loving God and bump into Jesus. In Christ Ministries has enjoyed a growing relationship with Flatirons Community Church whose values line up with our own.

With the support of Melissa Kleweno, owner of Health Essentials, who has partnered with us in our youth outreach, we now have space that meets the expanding needs of In Christ Ministries, across from the theater and connected to the Health Essentials stores.

Though we continue our fight with cancer, God has provided every opportunity for recovery and every opportunity to share with medical staff, cancer patients, families wrestling with painful medical realities and our outreach groups, how knowing Christ as Life changes everything.

Our growing groups and teaching demands have allowed David and Mackenzie (Reeverts) Nunez to join us in the fall of 2017 to help with the  Youth in Christ youth group. They have completed two of the three phases of training and add a spice of life that 21 year-olds can. They are beginning their advanced training with In Christ Ministries while joining us on staff.

Today we meet with children, pre-teens, teens and adults in one-on one and group settings and offer conference and training opportunities with those who desire to share the Exchanged Life message. We exist and function solely on the contributions made by like-minded supporters, who fund our work in Kit Carson County and Western Kansas. Please consider giving to support In Christ Ministries.

What if God's not done with you?

Jon and Jenny Reeverts

IN CHRIST  Ministries

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