Working with Kids

Saturday August 13 - 
Plane Pull 2016 at DIA to raise

money for Special Olympics


We believe that our Heavenly Father's vision for this ministry is to supply His resources to reach out to kid's, teens and adults of any denomination, background, culture or age group so that they can come together to learn about God's grace and their true identity in Christ. 

Coming up at In Christ Ministries - Sunday July 24 - Flatirons at the Burlington Community Center at 8:45 AM (CLICK TO SEE CALENDAR)

What our needs are

We are a Non Profit that functions on community, alumni, like-minded individual and congregational support. We have a need to be fully-funded

as a ministry in our... 

operating expenses 

and program needs

We have worked with kids age 6-18 in Christ-centered ministry for more than seventeen years.

Our best resource for parents, families and individuals under stress, youth leaders working with kids and teens is to begin coaching them through a two-day conference explaining how we teach the Grace Life Message to kids, pre-teens, teens, and families.

CLICK to sign up to attend a 

What we believe

PRoviding Resources